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Recording In Session


LightningLord is in recording the full length follow up to their “All Father Death Stalkers” Ep. Lightning Lou Lamore has finished up drums, so we’re moving on to the strings. Keep your ears open for new sounds this spring, and keep your eyes peeled for us live, as soon as we’re out of this booth, we’ll be announcing dates and raring to go hit some stages. Lightning strikes! NWOBHM\m/Speedz Metalz\m/

Metalz Party!!!!!!m/m/

What up dudes and dudettes,

To anyone visiting the page, you must be a NWOBHM lover like us. Very cool. Most people congregate on my personal page, and we party there. Being musicians, we have a lot of “business” people we come in contact with, usually some ass clown who’s trying to swindle money out of musicians, so partying on my personal page allows me to filter those people out, and let the right ones in, if you know what I mean. So if your cool, and want to party metal, hit us up on my page. m/NWOBHMm/ No false metal :)

Gregory Swanson m/m/